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October team meeting

The October team meeting takes place in the Dalton Inn tonight at 7pm.  All  members (including those with concessions), associate members and, of course, the staff are all members of the Radio Team and all are welcome.  

The meeting will be about the plans for the future of the radio, now that a large portion of the cost of the move to the new studios is to be covered by a grant from Leader.  The Agenda will consist of:

  • presentation of the plans for the relocation of our studios, together with the financial implications, led by Pat Keane  
  • discussion of the plans by all present 
  • any other business (time-sensitive matters only, please, to keep the meeting from running on for too long!).

We hope to see as many members of the Team as possible. This is all about the future of our radio and the new opportunities now open to it.

Community Counts

Hello everyone

We are in the process of developing a new program called ‘Community Counts’. For this program we need a team of people to work on this 1 hour weekly show and it is envisaged that presenters will do one show a month. If you are interested in becoming a team member please contact;

Gordon 087 -0637637 or email gordon@claremorriscommunityradio.ie. This is a terrific opportunity to get involved in a community driven program.

Community Counts perceived format

  1. Topic of the day
  2. Citizens information slot
  3. Community diary
  4. Guest of the day – any work  related member of the community
  5. What it says in the papers
  6. Volunteer bureau spot