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AGM 2018 report

The AGM of Claremorris Community Radio took place on Monday 12th November, 2018. A large attendance heard chairperson Pat Keane welcome all and introduce the agenda. After the reading of last year’s minutes by Company Secretary Anne McLoughlin the meeting continued to the annual reports.

The Chairperson detailed the events of the year in chronological order. Frame Productions returned our equipment on January 1st and shortly thereafter went into receivership. This ended our relationship with that company.

He thanked a talented, hardworking and committed board who meet almost weekly. They are extraordinary in their dedication.

He spoke about the targets of the board for 2018 being led by the concepts of Team and Community. To this end we had a series of workshops with Martina O’Brien from CRAOL to improve internal communications and consolidate our team effectiveness. We had a Pobal review with Anne-Marie Moran as part of our commitments to the CSP programme. We continue to report to Pobal on a bi-annual basis.

The GDPR imposed more bureaucracy on the radio but we were lucky to have the able capabilities of Anni Wilton-Jones and committed staff. Garda vetting continues and is firmly imbedded in our procedures. On the invitation of the BAI we applied for a ten-year licence. Just recently they have sought further clarification (20 questions) on our extensive application. 

Our plans to move to new studios continues apace. LEADER funding and LCDC funding through South West Mayo Development Company and Mayo County Council has made this move possible. He also thanked Minister Michael Ring and the Dept for Community and Rural Affairs, Jimmy Flynn, David Keane and Brian Jennings for their significant contributions.

He praised staff for their dedication and hard work and included Julia Fitzgerald. This industry covered areas such as Sound & Vision and Training. He further thanked our sponsors, advertisers and stakeholders. A special word of thanks was given to Catherine Lavery-O’Brien who recently left us and who contributed significantly to Claremorris Community Radio.

He stated that the radio was in a better place and would thrive with the proverbial, “Ní neart go cur le chéile”, pointing to co-operation leading to strength.

2018 Church gate collection

Throughout this weekend, Claremorris Community Radio will conduct its annual church gate collection, not only in Claremorris itself but also in some of the churches in the surrounding area.

Collectors will be stationed outside the parish church in Claremorris during the weekend.  There will also be volunteers at the churches in Barnacarroll and Crossboyne.

The station constantly needs to raise funds to continue providing its service to the community of Claremorris and its environs.  Thanks, as always, for all the support you give us.

Review of 2014

check_list_tickedAt the most recent management meeting the station’s activity plan for 2014 was reviewed and the following achievements were outlined:

  • 11 new volunteers were fully trained and are now active in the station
  • Three commercial training courses were successfully completed
  • Five volunteer meetings were held.  The management gave a commitment that volunteer meetings will be held every two months in 2015.
  • Seven Sound & Vision applications were successful.  The next S&V result is due on 23/01/15, which will hopefully bring more.

Alas, a few goals weren’t achieved.  There was no volunteer-driven fundraising in 2014 whilst two other, staff-driven, fundraising events were poorly supported.   Some of the station’s subcommittees were not reviewed as per the plan. This review has now moved to early 2015.

Currently, the station’s activity plan for 2015 is being prepared based on the strategic objectives plan 2014-16.  We will publish the plan here, once it is completed and adopted by committee.