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Volunteer meeting on September 18th

people-in-circleThe station’s next volunteer meeting will take place on September 18th at 8 p.m.  All volunteers are asked to attend.

Issues to be discussed will include:

  • The construction of the station’s new Live Lounge.  The current studio two is going to be redeveloped into a performance space for performers and groups.  The current studio three will be upgraded to take on the role currently fulfilled by studio two.
  • The replacing of Soundcart with Zara, with a demonstration of Zara in action.  Soundcart is no longer supported on the modern Windows operating systems.  All show hosts need to learn how to use its replacement: Zara Radio.
  • Fundraising ideas for the future.

We hope to see you there.

Station meeting: all about podcasts

PodcastOur station meeting for the month of May will take place on Wednesday night next, May 22nd, at 7.30pm.  Everyone is invited!

The main focus of the meeting will be podcasting.  Yours truly will give a talk on what podcasting is, what show hosts can gain from it and, probably most importantly, how to do it.

We’ll also have a Q&A on the night for any issues that station members wish to discuss.

Anyone who’d like to do a little ‘research’ on the topic beforehand can, of course, listen to our current selection of podcasts at the following address: www.mixcloud.com/claremorrisfm/