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Build-up to All-Ireland final

mayo-v-dublinSo, you’ve probably noticed that Mayo are playing in a certain game next Sunday.  Here at Claremorris Community Radio we’re getting ready for the big match!

If you’re home or abroad, be sure and tune into 94.6fm (or our online stream)  each night this week (Tuesday – Friday) between 8pm – 9pm.

CCR will broadcast the thoughts of the real Mayo supporters live from four local pubs here in Claremorris.  Our reporter John Whittle will be out and about, speaking to patrons at the following:

  • Tuesday: The Western Hotel
  • Wednesday: Gilligan’s
  • Thursday: Hanley’s Bar
  • Friday: O’Brien’s

Let’s get the buzz going here on CCRFM 94.6FM


Update: We will now be broadcasting a repeat of the previous night’s live broadcast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 3pm.