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Order your Fairy Letter!

Many of us will be familiar with stories a legends of the Sí: how they live in fairy forts/hills, how blackthorn and other trees and bushes have their own fairy spirits and should not be cut without apology, how we should not dig up fairy hills and much more.  When the opportunity arose to ally with Queen Maeve and use it as a way to raise funds and awareness of this other place, the Fairy Realm, we had to grab it with both hands.

Claremorris Community Radio is delighted to announce a collaboration with Queen Maeve, of Fairyland, to offer anyone the chance to receive (or order for a loved one) a Fairy Letter. Each letter will contain a drawing of the appropriate fairy, as well as the Ogham lettering of the recipient’s name.

All you have to do to book your unique gift is order one here or come in to the station.  You can pay via Paypal, at a low special introductory price of €6.50, which includes a bespoke drawing of your appropriate fairy, as well as the recipient’s name in Ogham.  Queen Maeve needs the names and addresses of the recipients, their favourite colour, age, gender, their favourite pastime or passion and anything else you think she should know that you with to have in the special letter.  We will do the rest.

To order your Fairy Letter online, please visit the product page here: ccr946.ie/product/fairyletter/