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Swiftly Declining

Swifts are amazing and beautiful birds that arrive in Ireland each spring from their winter homes in Africa.  Alas, year after year there are fewer and fewer of them flying about in our skies.

What can you do to help boost the swift population in your local area? Listen to Swiftly Declining, as Cleo deVito and Lynda Huxely talk to secondary school pupils, environmental groups and concerned citizens about building nesting boxes and other positive action to save these precious wild visitors from disappearing from Irish skies.

Swiftly Declining will be broadcast on CCR on Sunday, Nov. 19th, at 2pm, and again on Tuesday, Nov. 21st, at 8pm.

This program was produced and presented by Cleo deVito and was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.

Handful of Hermits

Take a Handful of Hermits is a series of short programmes showcasing the variety of art forms practiced by an award-winning West of Ireland arts group, the Hermit Collective. The Collective provides a stage and exhibition area, along with mutual support, for experienced artists and performers and for relative newcomers and takes the arts into the community, in venues across Connacht and beyond.

Throughout the series, Anni Wilton-Jones and Jessamine O’Connor interview poets, musicians, storytellers, painters and even a puppeteer.

The first two programs will be broadcast together on CCR on Sunday, September 3rd, at 2 pm.

The first 15-minute show, “A Mix of Musicians”, features Gregory Daly, a member of the Hermit Collective House Band and singer-songwriter Klaus Harder. The second show features a painter, Paul McDermott, and a potter, Jacqui Wright, in “Add in Some Artists”.

This series of six programmes will continue the following Sundays at 2pm: programmes 3 and 4 on Sunday, Sept. 10th with programmes 5 and 6 on Sunday, Sept. 17th.

Update: Shows will be repeated on Tuesday evenings, at 8pm.

Radio documentary production workshop

All volunteers are invited to the Dalton Inn tomorrow evening for a three hour workshop on radio documentary production for the Sound & Vision programme.

The workshop will be delivered by Paul Wright, an independent radio documentary producer. His talk will also touch on securing funding via Sound & Vision.

The workshop will commence at 7pm tomorrow evening (Thursday, 17th August) and will run until 10pm, with a tea/coffee break in the middle. The workshop is free for all Claremorris Community Radio volunteers.