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Welcoming the Summer, a new documentary



Bealtaine – the month of May – marks the traditional Irish start of summer, with bonfires, flowers and a raft of rituals to ward off evil and promote health and growth. Join Pat Keane as he explores the evolving Irish customs practised during Bealtaine, from ancient times to contemporary festivals.

Welcoming the Summer will be broadcast:

  • Friday, April 29th at 5 pm
  • Monday, May 2nd at 2 pm

This documentary includes interviews with:

  • Máirín Ní Dhonnchadha, Professor of Old and Middle Irish and Celtic Philology at NUI Galway. Interviewed by Pat Keane
  • Clodagh Doyle, Curator at the Museum of Country Life in Turlough, Co Mayo. Interviewed by Roderick Maguire
  • Fr Frank Fahy, Ballintubber Abbey. Interviewed by Roderick Maguire
  • Anne McCarthy, Arts Officer for Mayo County Council, speaking about the annual Bealtaine Festival in Mayo with John Whittle

Produced by Celia Sheridan

This one-hour programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee, in the context of the Sound & Vision scheme.

Bealtine bonfire
Bealtaine bonfire

New Documentary: Soil is More than Dirt



Healthy soil is one of Ireland’s most valuable resources. In July 2015, an important conference to mark the UN Year of Soil was held in Claregalway Castle to present the latest scientific thinking on good soil management, along with real-life reports from local Irish growers. This documentary by Cleo deVito tells us about the nature and composition of soil and its importance to our daily lives and reports on the conference. Farmers, gardeners and friends of the environment will find this packed with fascinating facts about the ground we walk on.

Soil is More Than Dirt will be broadcast:

  • Sun, May 1st at 2 pm
  • Thurs. 5 May, at 11 am

This one-hour programme was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee, in the context of the Sound & Vision scheme.

Sound and Vision awards

sound-and-visionCCR has just been awarded Sound and Vision funding for seven projects. The station continues to develop its creative output and the success in this round of Sound and Vision reflects the ambitions of the entire CCR team.

The following projects received funding:

  • Airplay –  A series of plays written by station volunteers during a creative writing workshop run by John Corless. In their assessment of the project the BAI said it was “an interesting project and an excellent example of the ethos of community broadcasting” and that “Drama written from within the community to which it is broadcast is a fairly fresh concept”. Well done to Roderick Maguire,Tracy Gaughan, Michael Goulding, Kathy Burke, Tommy O’Connor and John Corless.
  • John Corless will also be producing four additional plays that he wrote: Postcard, Cool Together and Number Crunchers. The BAI said that “The scripts are well written and engaging”.

We also received approval for three documentaries:

  • ‘The Murder of Fr. Walter Jordan’ by Roderick Maguire of which the BAI said “This programme promises to be an interesting exploration of an apparently forgotten incident in local and national history”.
  • ‘Welcoming the Summer’ by Lorraine Murphy, “a well-written, detailed proposal” according to the BAI assessment team. The programme looks at folk traditions and customs associated with the month of May. Bonfires, May poles, songs, stories, altars, costumes, flowers, fire and fairies are all traditions commonly associated with the month of May, or Bealtaine.
  • ‘Wild Foods of Mayo’ by Cleo de Vito will introduce audiences to the advantages of foraging, and reintroduce foraging to a society which has relegated this practice to the past. The BAI panel said “This programme promises to be a lively and interesting exploration of a re-emerging practice”.

Congratulations to all involved and we can now all look forward to a very busy and creative few months!