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16 Days of Action needs your support

domestic-violenceOn November 6th 2012, 537 women and 311 children accessed domestic violence services in Ireland. Of these 537 women, 22 were pregnant.

The issue of domestic and sexual violence against women, and the impacts on women and children is a serious problem in Ireland. The numbers of women and children affected by domestic abuse in Ireland are astonishing, the severity of cases, truly appalling, yet the level of public awareness about the issue, is virtually non-existent.

Frame Productions (CCR’s media production offshoot), in association with Mayo Women’s Support Services and the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre, hope to produce a series of three short videos which can be used to inform and educate the public on the traumatic effects of domestic and sexual abuse upon women and children.

The videos will portray real women’s experiences of domestic violence, sexual violence and the impacts on children.  The team at Frame  have gone to great effort to ensure accuracy and realism within the videos.  These videos are scheduled to be launched in Mayo during the annual 16 Days of Action Against Violence Against Women, and will be distributed on a local and national level via social media, websites, and email campaigns.

At the moment we are ready to go into production but we need your help.  The funding for this project will go directly towards covering the production costs of the videos – equipment, lighting, camera crew, editing and cast.

If you would like to support this very worthwhile project, please visit the project’s page on Fund it – www.fundit.ie/project/16-days-of-action-awareness-videos.  Any support you can give in this important venture is greatly appreciated!