What’s Another Year? on CCR

whats-another-yearA new show will debut on Claremorris Community Radio this evening at 7pm.

What’s Another Year? is an entertaining look back over the sounds and events which took place during a particular year.  The show is hosted by yours truly and new volunteer Evelyn O’Connor.

Tonight’s first episode will feature the year 2010 and discussions on events such as the earthquake in Haiti, the rescue of 33 trapped Chilean miners and Ireland’s bailout from the so-called ‘Troika’.

We also feature some more light-hearted items such as sporting highlights and the winners of that year’s Academy Awards.

What’s Another Year? will continue (going backwards through time) on Wednesday evenings throughout the Summer.

The People’s Courts now on Kindle

The People's Courts

The People’s Courts, our recently published book on the history of the Dáil Courts, is now available on the Amazon Kindle Store!

If you own a Kindle reader, you can now purchase the e-book version of The People’s Courts directly to your device.  Click here to buy.

Of course, anyone who purchases the book in this format will not receive the CD copy of the original documentary.  Fret not!  The e-book version contains a URL through which a purchaser can subsequently download an mp3 version of the documentary.

Furthermore, the documentary which started the whole thing will also be broadcast on Claremorris Community Radio during the next two weekends.  Your first chance to hear this excellent programme is on Sunday next, June 30th, at 12 noon (in the Recollections time slot).

If you miss that broadcast, the show will be repeated the following Saturday, July 6th, at 2pm.

Kathy Burke on Ethics

High road - low roadThe latest in Kathy Burke’s series of philosophical documentaries will air on Saturday next, June 29th, at 7pm.  This show will focus on ‘Ethics’.

What do we do when we differ?  During the show, Kathy speaks to guest philosopher Desmond Clarke about ethics, morality, and law.

It is the follow-up to Kathy’s excellent last programme ‘What’s the Law for?‘, which aired last month.

Claremorris Community Radio

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