Volunteer Meetings

Reports from volunteer meetings:

Volunteer Meeting 15th April 2015

John Kirrane chaired a very well-attended meeting.

The meeting opened with a brief presentation by Michael McLoughlin, treasurer to the board. He assured volunteers that there are no irregularities.

Projected shortfall in coming year   – 11.5k

Some of which will have to be made up by dedicated volunteer fundraising.

Projected revenue for sound and vision projects    might be 13.5k

Volunteer fundraising should aim at raising 4.5k minimum in the coming year.

Areas for improvement in current fundraising activities.

Church Gate Collections – target outlying communities as well as the town church.

* the station needed to raise its profile in those outlying communities.


The meeting continued – John asked each volunteer to introduce themselves and give a brief outline of their role in CCR.

Role of Volunteer co-ordinator (Dolores Keavney)

  • enable volunteers to meet informally on a more frequent basis, for social gatherings and/or training sessions.
  • Encourage volunteers to meet occasionally to do certain housekeeping activities
  • to act as liason, when required, to raise individual volunteer issues with the board.
  • To communicate with volunteers re volunteer events and meetings

Format and frequency of meetings

  • a rotating chair was found to be the most agreeable format.
  • Meetings should be held on a two monthly basis.
  • 7pm was a good time for the meeting
  • but that we should rotate the day

The next meeting will take place in two months time (either Thurs 11th or 18th June) TBC. Dolores as volunteer co-ordinator will take responsibility for notifying volunteers of all meetings. Dolores will also chair the next meeting.


It was agreed by the majority of volunteers that all employees were welcome to attend meetings in a voluntary capacity or in an official capacity when invited to do so.


Grainne Conroy asked to clarify the situation re. chairing the meetings as she felt that Dolores as volunteer co-ordinator should chair all future meetings. However a majority of attendees saw no issue with a rotating chairman.

On another point Grainne submitted a request that need to be dealt with before the next board meeting with regard to station policy about the upcoming referendum and questioned if radio policy was biased.

It was explained that station policy was dictated by the BAI and that to allow balanced political discussions the ‘Let’s Talk About it” show was the only show allowed to broadcast about elections and referenda and allow for equal airtime for all parties and viewpoints.


As the meeting had run over time, it was agreed to hold a fundraising meeting on another occasion to be agreed.

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