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“The Boxing Ring is like a Temple of Truth”

“The boxing ring is like a temple of truth,” says coach Conor Dennedy in our latest sports club profile, in which we visit Claremorris Boxing Club, “You’ll get found out out there.”

“It’s a different level of fitness… A lot of lads that come in here from football, they think they’re fit until they come in – and then they get a shock.”

In this edition we also hear from head coach Joe Charles about the history of the club, which started in 1961 in the Hollybrook ice-cream factory. And that’s not even the strangest place it has called home over the years!

Claremorris Boxing Club Facebook page.

Meeting the team at Calvary Church Claremorris

Left to right: Jonathan McCracken, Nicola McCracken, Ann Urich, Jeff Urich.

Ann Urich is the familiar and much-loved voice of the news on Wednesday mornings here on Claremorris Community Radio.

This week she steps out from behind the newsdesk to interview the leadership team of Calvary Church Claremorris, which is just around the corner from the studios here on Town Hall Road.

She talks to Jonathan and Nicola McCracken, and Jeff Urich, about the activities of the church, and also chats with church member Hughie Treacy.

Calvary Church Claremorris website, and on Facebook.

“Suddenly all the steps come back”

“They hear a few notes and suddenly all the steps come back to them. And they’re back there. It triggers really good memories, it improves overall well-being, and it reduces a lot of anxiety and agitation for people living with dementia. It’s also open for family carers, and the enjoyment they get from it as well is so rewarding.”

On his regular Thursday Good Morning on 7th Feb 2019, John Whittle welcomes into the studio Ann Bellamy of Community Action on Dementia. She’s the coordinator of the Dance Memory Club for people living with dementia and their families and carers.

She talks about why music and dance can allow people with dementia to access memories and express themselves, and the amazing benefits the dancing group can have – including for family carers, for whom isolation can be a major problem.

The Dance Memory Club runs at the Cúram Centre, Tuesdays from 2.30 – 4 pm.

To find out more, contact Ann Bellamy on 086 145 1335.