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EGM on 15th February

Dear Member,

A joint meeting of the Board and the Management Committee of Claremorris Community Radio was held in the Dalton Inn Hotel on Sunday last to review our options on maintaining CSP funding and renewing of our broadcasting licence.  At the meeting it was agreed to recommend to our members that the current Board and Management committee be replaced by a board of seven directors with specific roles/functions on the board.

In order to ratify the new structures you are requested to attend an extraordinary general meeting of members which will be held at the Dalton Inn on Monday February 15th next at 8.00 pm.

Also at that meeting I hope that the new board can be elected.

Details of the roles/functions of the directors will be put together at the next management meeting and will be sent to you in due course.

Johnny Kirrane

Postcard – a radio drama

homeless man

Postcard – a riveting radio drama by John Corless.
Starring John Nolan, Linda Conway and Vinny O’Loughlin.

Listen now:

Postcard – a radio drama by Claremorrisfm on Mixcloud

Postcard was first broadcast:
Wed 25 Nov. at 7 pm
and again on Sat. Nov 28 at 5 pm

A chance encounter on a busy London street could change the life of one homeless Irish man.

Jimmy discovers to his dismay that his old friend Don’s life has spiralled out of control, leaving him without a home or family. Is there any way to get Don back on track?

This emotional story tells the story of how quickly life can change and the difference just one person can make.

Length: 15 minutes

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee