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Online, all the time

open24We are delighted to announce that CCR is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via our online stream!

You can listen to us here on, on or via the Shoutcast network.

Furthermore, don’t forget that the free CCR iOS (iPhone/iPad) app is still available via the Apple app store and, obviously enough, it allows you to listen to these overnight broadcasts.

Right now we are simply repeating the day’s programmes. In the future, we are considering using the overnight schedule to rebroadcast some of our highly-rated documentaries or maybe arrange a simulcast with another station.

Just days to go until Festive Festival

Yer man, Fred Cooke.

It’s just days to go until the first-ever Festive Festival of Comedy! Have you bought your ticket?

First off, you don’t need a ticket for The Open Mic in Warde’s Bar on Thursday evening.  Admission is free!  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along and give stand-up a go, tell a story or fall off the stage.  The event begins at 9pm.

Tickets for Stand Up and Answers with Karl Spain, The Viper from The Hardy Bucks and Jarlath Regan are available from Maxwell’s Bar, here on the site or (probably handiest of all) online at

Tickets for Joe Rooney and Fred Cooke can be bought from The Dalton Inn (the show’s venue) or else via the methods outlined above.

It promises to be a great weekend.  See you there!

The CCR ticket store is located at

Online bookings only from this weekend

From this weekend, volunteers can only book time in studios one and two via the online booking form.

You can do this both in the station, via the computer in the Green Room, or anywhere at all – wherever you have internet access and your login details to hand.  You will need those details though as the bookings page is only available to logged-in volunteers.  If you haven’t yet received your login details (or perhaps have lost the email) please contact John, Kevin or Lorraine in the Station and one of us will sort you out.

That said, the computer in the station will be left permanently logged-in so you won’t need to remember your username and password to use it.