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Elaine Browne of Perspective Peer Support Centre, MOUNT STREET

On last Friday’s Good Morning Show, host Bridie Sheeran and newsreader Angela Cameron were joined by Elaine Browne, founder of Perspective peer support centre, which has opened its doors above the Family Resource Centre on Mount Street.

Elaine talked about how peer support differs from other mental health services, and how her own struggles have given her the experience to become a peer support practitioner.

Her peer support group runs on Wednesday evenings at 7.15 pm. A men’s peer group will run weekly starting Tue 16th April. Also available are a ‘writing for wellbeing’ group, and a monthly carers’ group.

Elaine is not currently making money from this work – it all goes back into developing the centre. She told Bridie about the fundraising activities coming up, including a night of trad with tea & coffee on 3rd May, 7.30 -10.30 pm.

Perspective will officially open Mon 27th May, with surprise special guest on the night – all welcome.

99-year-old Hollymount Dancer Paddy Connolly talks to Bridie Sheeran, with Jokes from Seamus Hughes!

Paddy Connolly with Bridie Sheeran

Paddy Connolly celebrated his 99th birthday two months ago. Congratulations Paddy!

But his age doesn’t stop him socialising – or from being the best old-time waltzer in the West of Ireland for his age. And at the social dances every weekend, he’s dressed to kill – as you can see from the photo.

CCR’s Bridie Sheeran is a frequent dancing partner of Paddy’s, and she recently went to interview him, along with mutual friend Seamus Hughes.

Paddy has witnessed World War 2, poverty, emigration, and rural electrification, and remembers food scarcity, the travelling shops, getting water from the well, arranged marriages, babies born at home, and the days of rampant TB.

He sat down with Bridie to look back and remember – and even confess to ‘re-routing’ the electricity now and then!

Singer-songwriter Ultan Conlon talks to Anne McLoughlin on the Good Morning Show

Ultan Conlon and the Night Owls

Ultan Conlon hails from East Galway, and music is in his blood.

Last Friday, Anne McLoughlin caught up with him on the phone, ahead of a big gig at Whelan’s in Dublin.

He talked about where good songs come from, about the difference between house concerts and venue gigs, and about the challenges of making it as a professional musician these days (clue: teaching music helps).

His current album is ‘The Last Days of the Night Owl’.

He’s playing Westport House on 18th May, and may also be playing in Claremorris over the summer. Watch this space!

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