🎵📻 Enhance Your Irish Skills Through Music! 🌈🎶

Are you ready to embark on a bilingual musical adventure and improve your Irish skills along the way? Join us at Claremorris Community Radio station and let the power of music ignite your language learning journey! 🌟🎶

As a Music Show Presenter, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enhance your Irish skills while sharing your love for music. We invite you to let your creativity shine as you craft a show that reflects your musical preferences, seamlessly transitioning between Irish and English as needed. 🎉🌍

🌟 No specific qualifications or prior experience required – we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and language proficiency levels.

🎵 A genuine passion for music across various genres, showcasing your unique taste and knowledge of diverse artists and tracks. 💬

No worries if you’re new to broadcasting! We provide full training, guidance, and support! 🌟🎙️💖

This volunteer position is perfect for individuals who are passionate about music, language learning, and cultural appreciation. We understand that language learning is a journey, so don’t worry if you need to revert to English at times. We’re here to support you every step of the way! 🎙️🌈💪

For more information, please email Marcella manager@ccr946.ie or call 094 937 3737

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