🎙️📻 Make Waves as a Volunteer Presenter/Producer! 🌟🎧

Unleash Your Creativity and Join our team as a Volunteer Presenter/Producer! This thrilling role allows you to showcase your creativity, connect with our listeners, and make a positive impact in our inclusive community. Whether you have a love for music, current affairs, storytelling, or any other topic, this is your opportunity to shine and contribute to our vibrant programming. 📣🎶

What’s in it for you?

🎓 Comprehensive Training: Enhance your broadcasting and communication skills with our full training program. 

🌟 Showcase Your Creativity: Unleash your imagination and share your unique interests, knowledge, and creativity with a broad audience.

🎧 Connect with Listeners: Engage and connect with our diverse listeners, creating interactive experiences and fostering a sense of community.

🌍 Promote Inclusivity: Embrace and celebrate diverse perspectives, cultures, and identities through your programming, promoting inclusivity and respect.

🎙️ Make a Positive Impact: Contribute to our vibrant community by sharing captivating content, highlighting diverse voices and perspectives.

No worries, if you are new to broadcasting! We provide full training, guidance, and support to enhance your broadcasting skills and presentation abilities. Your journey to becoming a radio presenter and producer starts here! 🎙️🌟

🌟 No specific qualifications or prior experience required. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise.

📻 Passion for Radio: Bring your love for radio and a burning desire to share your interests, knowledge, and creativity with a broad audience.

🌍 Inclusivity: Embrace and respect diverse perspectives, cultures, and identities, creating an inclusive environment for all.

📖 Willingness to Learn: Adapt to broadcasting guidelines and technical processes, embracing new knowledge and techniques.

Reliable Availability: Dedicate the necessary time and commitment to host and produce your radio show according to the agreed-upon schedule.

Are you ready to join our passionate team of Volunteer Presenters/Producers at Claremorris Community Radio and make a lasting impact through the power of radio.

Apply now and let your voice be heard! 📻🎙️🌟

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