Claremorris Golf Club

Claremorris Golf Club are signing up for Ladies Beginner Golf Lessons.

It will be an 8-week programme includes lessons with our Golf Pro and games on the course. The cost will be €65 per person or €120 per group of 2.

They are also offering to 1st year beginners:

€135: 8-week programme and Restricted Membership until December 31st 2023.

All equipment is included, but if you want to bring your own clubs then you’re welcome to do so.

If there are enough people then there could be two groups, One Tuesday, and another Thursday, both at 7PM.

The Clubhouse will remain open after the lessons and Tea/Coffee and biscuits are included in the price, so please do come in afterwards.

We will have an Information & Sign-Up day Wednesday 12th April at 7pm and the 1st lesson will be the following Tuesday/Thursday.

Anybody who wants can join these lessons, so even if you participated last year, you are welcome to join this year too, however the restricted membership is only open to 1st year new beginners.