Power to the Women -Rural Electrification Documentary

Narrated by Cleo De Vito, “Power to the Women ” is a brand new Claremorris Community Radio documentary premiering this Sunday.

How did rural electrification in Ireland, and change the lives of women and their families? Has it given this 50% of the population, more power in their lives and their futures?

And how will electrification change in our climate challenged, endemic and pandemic future?

Listen to the voices of those remembering, like Sorcha O’Brian, who has researched some of the social issues covered in this documentary.

So tune in on Sunday the 6th of February at 7pm for “Power to the Women”, with a repeat on Tuesday the 8th of February at 7pm, on Claremorris Community Radio 94.6 FM.

This programme was funded by the BAI with the television licence fee.