LISTENING FIGURES & Listener Messages

Online listening figures

For the last sixty days our total online listeners were 43,341. Our Unique Listeners for that same period were 31,907.

Remember this represents our listeners who are tuning in digitally, on top of those listening locally on FM.

These figures continue to show the growth and development of our online listenership as well as our ability to retain the same level of listenership over a sustained period of time..

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Listener Messages

Below are a small fraction of the various messages from listeners sent in regarding the shows both live and pre-recorded.

Love your inspiring thoughts!   Dwelling on them helps me make some sense of this world and more so of this lockdown! Stay safe Teresa

Since lockdown I don’t have any visitors so listening to you two is the only conversation I listen to as other radio stations don’t compare! I’m deadly serious. John 

Love your chats. Ye speak from the heart. Great local radio material. Pat

We are enjoying the sport programme! Well covered. Pat

Brill show with great music and hilarious comedy! John

Beautiful songs. Feel good show. Gaynor