For Folks Sake

Ruairi O Broin

Ruairi O Broin

My Show is called For Folks Sake and I usually introduce it, saying, I will be playing my selection of Folk and Trad and it’s pretty much just that.

Quite often I will remember something that has irked me during the week and I’ll see if I have anything (tune or song) on my database that might illustrate my sentiments on the matter, Banks, Brexit, our own lovely selection of politicians and their foibles and a certain artist formerly known as the President of the US has provided me with an “excuse” to play tracks from my collection.

 I have been collecting a long time and have a long memory so Ill usually find some apt comment through the medium of music. 

I’ve been involved on the Folk and Trad scene for decades and would know quite a few from the national scene and indeed further afield and endeavour to ensure that their recorded work gets played and always mention both the name of the track and the album from whence it came. Recently I have been doing a slot from a series of albums from John Spillane of Irish songs we learned in school.

How I go about preparing a show varies but I generally prepare a playlist and convert it to MP3 and then record, if possible devising some sort of continuity between the songs/artists and intersperse the songs with tunes ranging from early American recordings of a German melodeon  maestro, playing Irish Trad up to the latest offerings from local musicians, Chloe Feeney from Claremorris Comhaltas springs to mind.

Mention of recently deceased musicians and singers is also something I consider important and recently did  a mini tribute to the late Joe Burke.

As there are no sessions, classes or gigs to promote at present I’m in a sort of limbo on that front but that will return.