Bernie In The Barn

Bernard Heywood

I’m Bernard Haywood a retired Fire Consultant. My radio History began with Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service in Kent UK presenting a Saturday evening request show, which I did for four years.

I have been with Claremorris Community Radio for about five years having been on the “Good Morning Show” for some time. Until the lockdown I was presenting the 2 o’clock show on Monday afternoon. Lockdown has caused changes due to my I age etc. in that it is unwise for me to use the studio (which I really miss).

My Saturday show is a little different as now I tend to pick (or have suggested) a theme for the music which sometimes is a bit of a challenge. The show is produced in a holiday home at my premises (now only used for family and friends) affectionately called the barn. (Bernie in the Barn) All done on my trusty laptop I try to make the show a near to live from the studio so I do not “over edit” the show