Weekend Wake Up &The Good Morning Show: Dermot Smyth & Dolores Keaveney

Dermot Smyth

Dermot Smyth

My name is Dermot Smyth and I present Weekend Wake Up. It’s a “magazine” type show with a run through the papers, the TV and of course your weekly dose of The 5 A Day!

While I do offer my observations on the world the overall theme is light with of course a constant flow of great music.

You can catch me live each Saturday morning from 9 till 10.

Dolores Keaveney

Hi, I’m Dolores and I do the Good Morning Show on Sunday Mornings. I always try to play a new song I’ve heard the other presenters play during the week thereby mentioning their programme.

On Sunday mornings as a nod to religion I do try to include a spiritual song which can be enjoyed by people of all beliefs. My tips to save you time, energy and money is often the most favoured part of my Sunday Show.

On Sundays I include the News and Weather where as during the week I have a break while news /nuacht is presented by our team of newsreaders.

I always try to publicise any organisations who are fundraising in the locality . During the current lockdown I especially mentioned clubs and organisations who are doing trojan work to help those in the community less fortunate than ourselves and include phone numbers and social media links.

I also have started including short snippets of comedy as the listeners have specifically requested this to cheer them during this pandemic.
I feel that radio is a great channel of communication in the Claremorris area and beyond and I know there are lots of people listening worldwide.

Sometimes we make mistakes but even then the listeners seem to find them amusing rather than criticise us.

If there is something of major importance happening in Ireland similar to recent change in the law re Mother and Baby homes I tend to read out something about this matter and play a song I think is suitable for people reflect on the issue.

I’m very glad to be able to broadcast live in studio as when recording at home I found it difficult particularly as my cat didn’t understand and kept howling outside to be let back in!