The Good Morning Show Pre-Recorded: Martin McFadden, Liam McNamara & Bridie Sheeran

Liam McNamara & Martin McFadden

Liam McNamara and Martin McFadden

The Monday Good  Morning show is presented by both Martin McFadden and Liam McNamara. Work for our show starts on Saturday evening  with the first draft of what music will be in the show. Liam has special interest in traditional music while my interest in  music covers everything else. This enables us to reflect the musical tastes of our listenership.

Sunday to Wednesday is used to research different news items. Monday and Tuesday brings us the local papers from which we take our Q for subjects to talk about on our show. Daily and weekend papers are also checked for subjects to discuss.

 The second half of our program is where we cover business in all it’s forms. Farming which is the largest industry in the country is covered with our local mart report while all other information with regards to farming is in the farming news.

The final segment of our show is a look at what’s happening in the markets. Here we cover everything that  affects our everyday life . The Dow tells us how our pension funds are progressing, the Oils tell us what we will pay for our petrol and heating fuels, the exchange rate what we will pay for our holidays, our pensions from Britain and America or any other country in the world. The Vix tells us how the people who we pay to invest our pension money are feeling.

The shows are recorded in a small studio at my home on a Friday afternoon. With Covid we have had to switch to Skype. We now record our show in mp4 which we later convert to MP3 for broadcasting . The skype mp4 gives us a  a very clear recording to work with. We have to thank our friend Bridie Sheeran for her input into our show each week. Thanks Bridie for everything!

Martin & Liam

Bridie Sheeran

Bridie Sheeran

Having a radio show is great, but having listeners to listen to it is even better!

Having a microphone is the minimum, good internet connection & a laptop in a fairly sound proofed room is necessary for me personally when preparing for my shows. As I use my home for pre recording, due to the present lock down, thus I’m under less pressure! However, broadcasting live is a great option if you want to keep a certain spontaneity. My listeners  also enjoy interacting with me and will feel that sense of closeness The choice of music is mainly dictated by my listeners.

The music I play is dictated by the audience I pick up, so I think carefully about what the typical playlist will be . If I want it to reflect the whole community, it will probably have to be quite varied.  Thus I play various genres of music.

I research material for my show the night before, such as delving into the archives to find out what happened in Irish History “on this day”. I also introduce a certain amount of comedy , which is always requested.

I wish to thank Claremorris Community Radio for the privilege of broadcasting!