HOME STUDIO HEAVEN: Joe Heneghan, Angela Cameron and Eileen Byrne

Joe Heneghan

Joe Heneghan

I was made redundant from my job in Baxter Healthcare in Castlebar in March 2011.  Shortly after that I saw an article in the local newspaper looking for volunteers in Claremorris Community Radio.

One of the jobs available was for newsreaders.  I thought I would like that so I went to the radio station and enquired about it.  When I started, I had to record it just to make sure that I could do it.

After a few weeks when they were satisfied that I could do it I was allowed to do it live.  I usually do three articles that take news stories from an international perspective, a national perspective and a more local one. As well as sport and weather.

 I try to do approximately eleven lines for each article.  This ensures it’s not too long and not too short. I like to have at least 1,000 words. I love doing it even though it is time-consuming.

 I used to print it out and then go to the station and read it but now with the lock-down I record it at home and send it in to the station to be edited and used in the appropriate place.

Angela Cameron

Angela Cameron

It used to be Friday, now it’s Thursday and it’s news day. That means hours in front of my laptop preparing and recording the news from my home bedroom/studio to be broadcast on Friday am.

Well it’s now approx 3 years ago that I saw an article in a local paper looking for volunteers  for the news on Claremorris Community Radio. I had recently come home to live and had always enjoyed volunteering in a variety of settings so I thought here goes.

A phone call to Allan and within a couple of weeks I was in front of a microphone delivering the news, and miracle of miracles I am still doing it to this day.

I love researching it and seeking out what is current, relevant,  interesting, local and especially anything that is lighthearted and magical.

All good fun until it comes to recording and wondering will my laptop decide it has a mind of its own and throws me off course. But a phone call to Ed and everything is quickly back on track!

That is why I am now looking forward to the live recording, meeting the presenters and other volunteers and having the craic…. and hopefully please God that will be soon. 

Eileen Byrne

Eileen Byrne

My name is Eileen Byrne, I started a short course in radio in September 2019 with Claremorris Community Radio. As part of this training, I spent some time in the studio with other students using the equipment and learning about how things work on the radio.

I got the loan of the recorder from Ed, and took it home to practice on. I used this later in my interview as part of my class assignment. In my class there were groups of students from Claremorris, Ballyhaunis and Castlebar, people of all nationalities whom I enjoyed meeting.

Towards the end of the course, I was asked to do the news for the radio one day a week but had to do training first. I started going into the studio during Bridie Sheeran’s Good Morning Show and practised reading notes, notices and news items during the show.

I met Allan and the other staff at the studio, John Fallon asked me come in to read out on his morning show. I was apprehensive at first but eventually got more confident as I went along.

With the lock down, the studio closed so everything was up in the air. I was asked by the radio to start doing the news. I was at home with my laptop and the internet. I got a guideline from Colin and started to work from that.

I am now putting it all together myself using different resources and practising on my recorder on my phone with voice intonation and  volume and pauses and timing. I am getting better as I go along.

 I enjoy doing this very much and meeting new people. The lockdown has made me more thoughtful about others and myself and the world is a lot smaller now and more united. We are all in the same boat and all deal with it differently. Life is like a cup of tea, it depends on how you make it.