HOME STUDIO HEAVEN: Debe Kennedy, Ola Mustapha And Linda Conway

Debe Kennedy

Debe Kennedy

Recording at home is so different then doing a live show. You really have to get in the mood for doing a pre- record and try to find that ‘up’ energy.  Not always easy!!!  During this lock down, I found I needed to schedule myself so I had a work routine. 

One challenge was finding quiet times to record.  Many times I have had to stop recording to wait for my neighbour to finish mowing his grass.   I am very fortunate that I have a private home office with a great little recording set up.   My biggest challenge has been keeping all the shows organised on my computer (i.e, playlist, links, graphics and music) so that I have good archives as I podcast both shows.

Southern Roots show is on Mixcloud. The newer show, The Funky Jazz Lounge is podcast on Soundcloud. The shows are on Twitter and Facebook.

Another thing I have been trying to do is reach out to other presenters of similar type music shows in Ireland.  Have made great contacts and they have been so helpful! I feel that supporting community radio throughout Ireland is important….in any way possible.

Ola Mustapha

Ola Mustapha

I’ve pushed aside the ambition of making a radio show for a very long time, with the lockdown and various happenings around the world, especially the black lives matter protests, I decided it was time to get started.

All thanks to the staff at the radio station who worked out a way to put me through the process, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and I look forward to an eventful future in producing more radio shows.

New episodes air Sundays at 2 pm with a repeat on Tuesdays at 5 pm.

Linda Conway

(L) Country singer Jessica Mitchell , (R) Linda Conway

Making a radio show can be challenging and there is a lot of hard work and effort to producing, editing and researching it.The radio studio has everything you need to do this to make your life easier with microphones, music, desktop computers and more all at your fingertips. At the start of lockdown it was frustrating and hard going to learn the studio was closed for an important reason. To keep everyone safe and healthy. I had a few shows recorded so had some time to think about what I was going to do and how I was going to continue to make and produce my show to the best quality it could be.

Resources for me where limited at home through choice and trying to cut down on bills, I had a speaker, a phone and a tablet. I tried various rooms in the house but nothing sounded good enough to produce a radio programme. The sound quality was poor and all I could hear at times was an echo. What could I do? 

Before covid 19 a bedroom was a place you sleep in, store clothes and shoes and to discover that it would be my new recording studio was surreal to say the least but it sounds good. It cuts out back ground noises and echos heard when recording in other parts of the house. Duvets are a great resource acting as a sound barrier so now I sit on my bed with tablet with inbuilt mic, phone and a sony speaker with a recording and edit programme and record my show.

I miss the studio, the desktop and all those resources made available but for me and the resources I have in my home studio it works. I have a microphone and interface that I hope to use once I work that out. All help is welcome. I love music and the show I am doing and it is good that I found a way to do this.

I also have a social media presence on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram where I feature artists of the week and review albums, EP’s and songs. This helps me share songs and develop my show. I do however look forward to sitting in that chair in a ready made studio however who knows I may just stick to the homemade studio in my bedroom of all places!