Texts and WhatsApps

Even though we’re not broadcasting from the studios, and live programmes are on hold for the moment, listeners have still been getting in touch via WhatsApp and text to 087 326 2007.

We remotely check the text line regularly and forward any messages to presenters. As well as requests, personal messages and announcements, we have received some lovely comments on shows. Here is a flavour of the great feedback we are getting from listeners as we come out of lockdown…

O.M.G I never enjoyed today’s show so much. Great memories of the ballroom dancing in the olden times! I have a lump in my throat! Great show CCR. Pat

Great radio again this morning! Gaynor

Some lovely trad I never heard before? K.

Fantastic Folklore! Vincie

Very entertaining show. Lovely music and great comedy! P.

Listening to a lovely show about the author Jane Austin. M.B.

Claremorris Radio that is the most entertaining show I ever heard! Bridie was ideal for chatting up the punters, she is great craic. Well done! V.

Lovely article on my favourite poet Yeats! A.

Online listening figures

We are still averaging between 100-200 unique online listeners per day – a fantastic figure. Over the two months from 8th May to 8th July, we’ve had a similar number of unique listeners as we had through March and April, when the lockdown measure were first keeping people at home.

There have been some notable peaks in the last two months – for example 9th May, when there were 469 unique listeners during that day.

How many are listening at once? To take 9th May as an example, at one point on that busy day there were 56 people listening online simultaneously. But on July 7th, there were even more: 81 people tuned in online at the same time that day.

Remember this represents just the fraction of our listeners who are tuning in digitally, on top of those listening locally on FM.