“Cold Water Swimming” by Felicity Egan

In April 2019 there was a TV documentary on RTE called ‘Vitamin Sea’. The programme told the fascinating stories of eight people in different parts of Ireland who were passionate about swimming in the sea all year round. 

Felicity Egan, originally from Castlebar but now living in Mulranny since 2013, was inspired by the programme to start swimming in the sea a few times a week. By coincidence her brother John is also a cold water enthusiast – he has been swimming all year round for the last decade.

Recently, Felicity took her recording equipment to Mulranny beach to describe the attraction and benefits that she and her brother enjoy when they go cold water swimming in the sea.

Felicity also met three young women with their surfboards who were surfing at Mulranny beach, and she interviewed them in a socially distanced way.

This piece was first broadcast on the Good Morning Show on Claremorris Community Radio.