New ‘Local CHampion’ CarolinE Wilson to Connect You to Your Local Community and Voluntary Services

You can reach Community Champion for Co. Mayo Caroline Wilson on 086 289 9296

The Government of Ireland, The Wheel, and Irish Rural Link have announced the creation of ‘local champions’ in every county to ensure that no area or household is left behind during the COVID-19 crisis.

The announcement said: “We are urging people who may not have a family member living nearby or a neighbour that they can call upon, to get in touch with their Local Champion and they will link the person with the service that they need.  Also, if family or friends are concerned about a relative, in another part of the country, they should also get in touch.”

It also said: “At this time, it is imperative that we ALL work together in partnership to ensure that we join the existing dots, not add more dots.  Above all else it is vital that at the end of this crisis when we look back, that we can say with conviction, that our united efforts ensured that NOBODY was left behind.”

The Local Champion for Co. Mayo is Caroline Wilson, you can contact her on 086 289 9296.