A First Step towards Keeping Our Community’s Voices On the Air

The situation with this virus has turned everything upside down for so many of us.

As we all try to find our feet in this new reality, we are also working out how the radio can continue to be a great community resource, at a time when it is more needed than ever.

Many of us are now out of contact with the people we see every day in our community – the people who work in our locals shops, businesses and public institutions, acquaintances from church or the pub: all the friendly faces and voices that bring life to an ordinary day.

In this situation, our community radio can help bring us together, and keep us going through the difficult times ahead. We are working on longer-term plans, but in the meantime we have a very simple idea.

From this evening we are encouraging everyone in the community to send WhatsApp* voice messages to the textline number (087 326 2007). They’ll be broadcast in the coming days – follow us on Facebook to keep updated.

Someone out there wants to hear your voice, your message, whether it’s support, advice, a joke, a thank-you, or simply sharing how you are feeling.

So please send your voice messages via WhatsApp to 087 326 2007. And please share this message wherever you can, so it can reach as many people as possible.

We are really looking forward to hearing all your voices!

*You can send a WhatsApp voice message by holding down the microphone icon in a chat thread. Just add the CCR number to your contact list, and it will be available in WhatsApp. For more help, watch the video below. If you get stuck, you can contact CCR staff on admin@ccr946.ie. If you would if you would like to send a message without using WhatsApp, please email admin@ccr946.ie, or message us on Facebook, and we’ll help.