Muire Gan Smál Primary School Pupils Bring Sunshine and Snow to CCR – Live on the Good Morning Show

On the Good Morning Show on Friday, presenter Sandra Donnellan was delighted to be joined in the CCR studios by children from the 1st class at Muire Gan Smál Primary School, Claremorris.

Ryan, Grace, Robyn, Maria, Ayaa, Ben, Judah, Daniel and Kuba were accompanied by their teachers Ms Tuohy and Ms Ward.

They discussed their recent weather project and explained about the significance of rain, clouds, snow and sunshine. They recited a poem about weather in both English and Irish, they also sang a song called ‘Twinkle Twinkle Weather Today’. They played requests for friends and family and they all sang ‘Let It Go’ from the Disney movie Frozen.

Some of their other classmates will have a turn next week at the same time. We can’t wait!

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