How “30 seconds of bravery” took James Rush from a single fish tank to a shop full of them!

“I believe you’ve 30 seconds of bravery when you come up with a plan – and everything rides on that 30 seconds.” So says James (Jim) Rush of Rushes Aquatica, the new pet shop on Mount Street, Claremorris.

How did that bravery take him from one small fish tank in 2016, to breeding fish at home, to now opening a shop that not only sells over 50 species of tropical and predatory fish, but has grown to accommodate chameleons and dragons – and soon small mammals and dog and cat supplies too?

Jim came into the Saturday Sit-down studio earlier this month to tell hosts Christina Jordan and John Fallon about the ups and downs of that journey – and what’s in store for the future, including plans for Christmas.