Memorial Project for Transported Women: Mrs. Higgins Joins Crafters, Artists & Musicians in Headford

How do you imagine a typical ‘memorial’? Something big and heavy made of stone or metal – something made by one man with some big tools?

What about a memorial made from thread and delicate fabric? And not one, made by one man, but hundreds made by hundreds of women? This is the reality of ‘Roses from the Heart’ and ‘Irish Roses, Brideship Lasses’, two projects of Tasmanian artist Christina Henri.

Henri was in Headford, Co. Galway, last week, to recognise the contribution made to these projects by crafters in the west of Ireland. With the help of the Headford Lace Project, they have sewn and decorated 150 cotton bonnets, each one dedicated to an individual woman transported to Australia during the 19th century.

This report features performances from Headford Music Works and the Corrib Singers, with music written by Mairéad Berrill of Headford Music Works, and by composer Brendan Graham.