Former President, Mary Robinson, on Making Climate Change Personal

Speaking at the official launch of a new exhibition on rural electrification at the Museum of Country Life at Turlough House, former president of Ireland Mary Robinson had three messages on how we should react to climate breakdown:

> Make climate change personal
> Get angry with governments that aren’t doing enough
> Get active with your voice

The exhibition ‘Kitchen Power: Women’s Experiences of Rural Electrification’ explores the many ways in which rural electrification changed the lived experience for Irish women in the 1950s and ’60s, through objects, advertising of the era, film and oral histories. It will run until Jul 2020.

Her speech was recorded by CCR Presenter Cleo de Vito. You can hear her regular programme on environmentalism and communitarianism, ‘It’s a Small World’ on Sundays at 11.00 and Wednesdays at 12.

Find out more about the exhibition here.

Find out more about the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice website here.