Truth or Double Dare – Photos and Poetry programme in Full

On 2nd May we broadcast ‘Truth or Dare: Photos and Poems‘ for Poetry Day Ireland 2019.

Coming up soon will be your chance to hear the full recordings that the programme was based on.

Yes, it’s the truth: this is the full version of the original programme that was aired on Poetry Day Ireland, including all the out-takes!

Presenters Anni Wilton-Jones, of the At The Crossroads arts programme, and Ed Coulson selected eight photographs from the Claremorris Camera Club’s recent display. For each photo, they chose the poem that they feel fits with the truth or the dare (i.e. challenge) of the picture.

In this two-part series, you will hear each photographer talking about their photograph and the presenters reading the chosen poem, followed by lots of lively discussion about their selection of both the photo and the poem.

The first part of ‘Truth or Double Dare! Photos and Poems’ will be aired on Sunday 19th May at 8 pm and repeated on Monday 20th May at 5 pm.

The second part will be broadcast on Sunday 26th May at 8 pm and repeated on Monday 27th May at 5 pm.

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