New Community Policing Unit in Claremorris: Garda Sgt Tony Lavery Talks to John Whittle

On 9th May, John Whittle was joined in the Good Morning studio by Garda Sgt. Tony Lavery of the new dedicated Community Policing Unit in Claremorris.

Sgt. Lavery talked about the activities associated with community policing, which include school visits, Community Alert, Neighbourhood Watch, and Business Watch.

He explains that they would also visit vulnerable people living alone, for example.

Despite his many administrative duties, Sgt. Lavery emphasised the importance he places on being visible on the street, and on engaging with the public: “They are our eyes and ears,” he says.

Also discussed was the new Community Alert covering Claremorris West, which includes the townlands off the Balla Road, and how Community Alert schemes work.

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