99-year-old Hollymount Dancer Paddy Connolly talks to Bridie Sheeran, with Jokes from Seamus Hughes!

Paddy Connolly with Bridie Sheeran

Paddy Connolly celebrated his 99th birthday two months ago. Congratulations Paddy!

But his age doesn’t stop him socialising – or from being the best old-time waltzer in the West of Ireland for his age. And at the social dances every weekend, he’s dressed to kill – as you can see from the photo.

CCR’s Bridie Sheeran is a frequent dancing partner of Paddy’s, and she recently went to interview him, along with mutual friend Seamus Hughes.

Paddy has witnessed World War 2, poverty, emigration, and rural electrification, and remembers food scarcity, the travelling shops, getting water from the well, arranged marriages, babies born at home, and the days of rampant TB.

He sat down with Bridie to look back and remember – and even confess to ‘re-routing’ the electricity now and then!

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