Sports & Activity Group Profiles: Claremorris Parkrun

“It’s a community event, and there’s energy – when you come here, there’s people in good form. There’s some people who would walk this, there’s some I would class as elite athletes… but the great thing is everybody’s together, we have a bit of fun, and we’ve a cup of tea afterwards.” So says Neil Sheridan, a regular at Claremorris parkrun.

For our tenth profile of local sports and activity groups, we went to Clare Lake / McMahon Park on a frosty morning in early February for the 101st Claremorris parkrun.

Parkrun is an international movement providing organised 5 km runs (which can also be walked), accessible for all, and completely free. In the process, it also provides a regular, free, outdoor social gathering too. What’s not to like?

Have a listen as we hear from volunteers, walkers and runners, about why parkrun is so special to them.

Find Claremorris parkrun on Facebook, or at the parkrun website.