January Team Meeting

Thank you to all who came to our social afternoon on 19th January. The I-to-I produced a plan for a social activity that is really appropriate for Team Members. You can read more about this in our ‘On Air‘ newsletter. This was followed by a very enjoyable and informative ‘Hands on Help’ during a live radio show and then we went along to the Lighthouse Cafe for coffee and cakes – and some of us had a meal, too. It was all a lot of fun and the company was fantastic, of course! 

Next up is our January team meeting. This is for all staff, members and associates of Claremorris Community Radio and is a chance for everyone to get updates on the Radio’s progress, to give their own news and to join in the discussions.  The meeting will take place on Thursday, 31st January, at 7pm in the radio studios.

Agenda: Update from Board; Reports from sub-groups – Membership, Finance and any others; Report from Staff; News from Team Members – any Team Member (Staff, Member, Associate) can contribute; Discussion of points raised by any Team Members.

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