Two Radio Dramas: Postcard & Cool Together

Wednesday evening radio dramas

Postcard – a riveting radio drama by John Corless.
Starring John Nolan, Linda Conway and Vincent McLoughlin.

Wed 25 Nov. at 7 pm
and again on Sat. Nov 28 at 5 pm

Cool Together – a hilarious radio drama by John Corless
Starring Aisling Holian and John Paul Murphy

Wed 2 Dec. at 7 pm
and again on Sat. 5 Dec. at 5 pm

Length: 15 minutes

*    *   *

homeless man
A chance encounter on a busy London street could change the life of one homeless Irish man.

Jimmy discovers to his dismay that his old friend Don’s life has spiralled out of control, leaving him without a home or family. Is there any way to get Don back on track?

This emotional story tells the story of how quickly life can change and the difference just one person can make.

*  *  *
Doing nothing at the office

Cool Together
Affairs, bribery, back handers, lies, cheating and shocking revelations all feature in this hilarious short radio drama.

Set in an office, all hell breaks loose following one phone call to inform the staff that a delegation from head office is coming to visit the following day.

Both radio dramas were funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee

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