A message from our new Chairperson

CCR Chairperson Johnny-Kirrane
CCR Chairperson Johnny Kirrane

At the CCR Board Meeting last month I was elected Chairperson. Firstly I would like to thank my proposer, Roderick and seconder, John. It is a great honour to hold this post in what is a hugely important community enterprise.

I would also like to thank the outgoing Chairperson Delores Keaveney for her stewardship over the last four years. Her input and dedication at all levels of CCR are an inspiration and I am full of admiration for her hard and often difficult work which has moved the station forward during her tenure in the Chair.

It is my intention with your cooperation to continue this work. Together I hope we can make CCR the focal point of our community; providing services and supports to clubs and organisations, engaging with social exclusion and promoting democracy, human rights and sustainability. We should also be conscious of reinforcing local identities and acting as a catalyst for integration and inclusion.

We must also be mindful of our obligations and commitments to the state bodies that support and govern us in particular the BAI and Pobal. As a group we should be aware of our shared commitment, our common goal and our loyalty not only to CCR but to each other as volunteers and to our staff. In my opinion we have a great team of volunteers making quality radio programmes and I hope over the next while to meet and get to know you all. We are also extremely fortunate with our staff who are so enthusiastic, innovative and dedicated to the station.

Needless-to-say the station does not run on fresh air and having served on the Finance Committee I’m acutely aware of the costs involved. It is estimated that the cost of broadcasting an hour-long programme is €40 (which doesn’t include staff who are paid under the Pobal scheme). This is approximately €3,000 a week which we have to finance through membership, advertising, Sound & Vision and fund-raising. Indeed it has to be acknowledged that if directors of CCR hadn’t advanced monies to the station on two occasions in the past we wouldn’t be here to-day. Under our licence from the BAI we are limited to what we can raise through advertising and are committed to raise finance through fund-raising.

As you know to be a volunteer with CCR you commit to paying the annual membership and taking part in at least one fund-raising event during the year. Membership at €50 per annum is nominal and we hope that everybody will have their membership paid by 31st March next. Money raised from fund-raising this year has plummeted and I’m sad to say it can easily be explained – two events had little or no support from the volunteers. Going forward we will all have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder if we want the station to survive. Our most lucrative source of income is Sound & Vision and it is imperative that we continue to come up with acceptable ideas and proposals.

Finally for 2015 we are committed to having bi-monthly Volunteer Meetings where everybody will have an opportunity to bring forward ideas and discuss any issues that may arise.

Wishing you all the Blessings of this Christmas Season and continued Exciting Broadcasting in 2015.

Johnny Kirrane.

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