Celebrating 200 shows of tales at twilight.

Paul Halligan

Paul Halligan has been presenting Tales at Twilight here on
Claremorris Community Radio 94.6 FM for believe it or not 4 years now!

If you haven’t tuned in, it airs Saturdays at 8pm. 

All your Old Time radio dramas, the show has two stories each week.
Normally this involves four different genres rotating you might get a western such as Gunsmoke or the Cisco Kid.

A spy drama from the 50s when America was terrified of the Communist threat and regularly informed the public with such series as Spy
Catcher, Cloak and Dagger and I Was A Communist For The FBI.

On sci fi week we usually hear from x-1,dimension x, or the twilight
zone and yes as you guessed the threat of alien attack is always on
the horizon.

If you’re into detective murder or mystery you can always rely on
Tales at Twilight for plenty of your favourite characters, such as
Sherlock Holmes, Harry Lime, or the police series

So whether you’re sitting outside at the barbeque, or lazing back on
the sofa after a hard week, why not check out the way folks were entertained by ‘the wireless’ all those years ago.

Here’s to another 200 programmes of Tales at Twilight!

Paul Halligan

Tune in to Claremorris Community Radio on 94.6 FM and on all good radio apps.

The EP Hour

Eleanor Prendergast

Claremorris Community Radio 94.6 FM has a new show starting Friday the 9th of July 2021 at 8pm repeated Wednesday at 1pm.

 An hour’s show with Eleanor Prendergast, that includes 60 minutes of your favourite hits from modern day to classic, accompanied by celebrity chat, highlighting and hot spotting all the latest highs and lows of  stardom. An hour well spent with Eleanor. 

So tune in to Claremorris Community Radio 94.6 FM from Friday the 9th for The EP Hour.

Tune in to Claremorris Community Radio on 94.6 FM and on all good radio apps.

Brand New Show ‘Making It’ Launches Today

Lisa Canny is the guest for Episode 1.

Former Mayo Ladies captain Maria Staunton, and community broadcaster Mary Costello, co-host a new show launching today.

Their guest for Episode 1 is multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Lisa Canny – tune in at 2 pm.

‘Making It: Mayo’s Women in Business’ spotlights the females from Mayo or in business here – hearing their stories of triumph, disaster, resilience and creativity.

The programme is also available in the podcast app on your phone, so if you miss the broadcast, click here to subscribe in your preferred app, and you’ll never miss a show!

You can follow ‘Making It’ on social media too – go and say hi:




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