Long journey to Ireland

This Saturday, at 4pm, CCR will broadcast a very interesting documentary, detailing the lengths that some people in the modern world need to go to for a better life.

Sand, Sea and Smugglers tells the story of two young Syrian men as they make the gruelling journey to Ireland from war-torn Syria. Ammar and Anas walked across the desert from Algeria to Libya, boarded rickety boats to cross the Mediterranean and eventually made it to a new country.

January volunteer meeting

The first volunteer meeting of 2017 will take place in the studios tonight, January 10th, at 7pm.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

  1. Welcome to new and longer-term members and to CCR’s new Development Manager, David Kitching
  2. Explanation and update about CCR’s structure and systems by Dolores Keaveney
  3. Membership consultation and brainstorming session – led by David Kitching.
    The board of CCR invites all members to attend a consultative meeting and brainstorming session to share ideas and help plan for the year ahead. Participants are invited to address issues including, but not limited to:
    · Finances and fundraising
    · Scheduling and programming
    · Communications strategy
    · Volunteer recruitment
  4. Calendar of volunteer meetings
  5. Recording of an ident or promo (if time allows)

All are welcome and asked to attend.

Claremorris Community Radio

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