February volunteer meeting

The second volunteer meeting of the year will take place tonight, most likely in the station. The reason for that vagueness is simply to do with the capacity of the CCR meeting room. So, there is a plan B – if there’s a large crowd in attendance, the meeting will move to The Dalton Inn.

Items on the agenda tonight will include a station update, a talk on conducting a studio interview and a presentation on social media and how you can use it to promote your show and grow its audience.

The meeting is scheduled for 7pm and all members are welcome.

Meet the CCR board

There are seven seats on the CCR board.  However, at the end of 2016, there were only four members in situ. With time being short for preparing for the finish of POBAL funding at the end of March, these four board members decided the best way forward was to co-opt some new members, who have a fair amount of relevant experience. As co-opted members, the new people are able to serve until the AGM when, like all other board members, they will stand down and be eligible for re-election.

With effect from 31st January 2017, the board is made up of:

  • Pat Keane, Chairperson
  • Anne McLoughlin, Company Secretary
  • Michael McLoughlin, Head of Finance
  • Dolores Keaveney, Membership Co-ordinator
  • Anni Wilton-Jones, Assistant Co-ordinator
  • Peter McCallig
  • Anthony McNicholas

Best of luck to all for the year ahead.

Claremorris Community Radio

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