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Smooth n’ Easy with Bernard

Ease into Sunday nights with a new show on Claremorris Community Radio.

Smooth n’ Easy with Bernard Joyce will feature a relaxing music mix, featuring “more old than new” in Bernard’s words.

The show will feature tunes from way back in the 1950s right through to the “modern” 1980s!

Smooth n’ Easy will be broadcast at 8pm on Sunday nights and will be repeated on Tuesdays at 1pm.

Long journey to Ireland

This Saturday, at 4pm, CCR will broadcast a very interesting documentary, detailing the lengths that some people in the modern world need to go to for a better life.

Sand, Sea and Smugglers tells the story of two young Syrian men as they make the gruelling journey to Ireland from war-torn Syria. Ammar and Anas walked across the desert from Algeria to Libya, boarded rickety boats to cross the Mediterranean and eventually made it to a new country.