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Listen to Journey of Discovery

Journey of Discovery returned to our schedule a few weeks back.  The shows in this year’s series are inspired by the annual Country to Country Festival that took place over three days in London, Dublin and Glasgow. The festival takes place in March each year and this year’s dates were the 10th, 11th and 12th.

The diversity within country music now is palpable and exciting.  Host Linda Conway brings you a flavour of some of the artists who took to both the main stages and the smaller stages at Country to Country. Each show includes music, news and press conferences featuring new and established artists.

Journey of Discovery is a specialised music programme dedicated to independent artitsts to showcase their talents, skills, songs and the music that inspires them to keep going and get into songwriting in the first place. It first aired here on Claremorris Community Radio in November 2013 .  Show host Linda Conway loves music: singing it, playing it, going to see live music. She even says “if music was a man I would marry him!”

If you want to get in touch with Linda, please feel free to contact her on

The show is broadcast on Mondays at 3pm and repeated on Fridays at 11am.  You can also listen back to this series of Journey of Discovery, all episodes are currently available on our mixcloud site:

Mise an File

To celebrate Poetry Day Ireland 2017, Claremorris FM is broadcasting a special programme, Mise an File,  featuring poets either from Claremorris or with a Claremorris connection. You might be surprised to know how many there are in the area – and we’ll only be able to include a few of them!

Presenter Anni Wilton-Jones, of the At The Crossroads arts programme, will introduce you to six poets, who will be reading a selection from their work. In exchange, Anni will share some of her own poems. With a range of different styles and subject matter on offer, there will be something to suit every taste.

Who will be on the programme?  Tune in and find out. You may guess who some of the poets will be but others may surprise you!

Mise an File will be broadcast on Thursday,  April 27,  at 8pm.