Review of 2014

check_list_tickedAt the most recent management meeting the station’s activity plan for 2014 was reviewed and the following achievements were outlined:

  • 11 new volunteers were fully trained and are now active in the station
  • Three commercial training courses were successfully completed
  • Five volunteer meetings were held.  The management gave a commitment that volunteer meetings will be held every two months in 2015.
  • Seven Sound & Vision applications were successful.  The next S&V result is due on 23/01/15, which will hopefully bring more.

Alas, a few goals weren’t achieved.  There was no volunteer-driven fundraising in 2014 whilst two other, staff-driven, fundraising events were poorly supported.   Some of the station’s subcommittees were not reviewed as per the plan. This review has now moved to early 2015.

Currently, the station’s activity plan for 2015 is being prepared based on the strategic objectives plan 2014-16.  We will publish the plan here, once it is completed and adopted by committee.

New volunteer liason officer

The CCR Management Committee would like to announce that Dolores Keaveney as been appointed as the station’s Volunteer Liaison Officer.

The purpose of the role is to provide a communication point for station members, in order to bring to the attention of the chairperson and manager at a monthly meeting any particular strengths and weaknesses identified by members, their ideas for improvement and issues in connection to the operations of the station. It is not supposed to replace the day-to-day link with members by staff or management but act as a conduit for better communications between members and management.

The position is a formal channel of communication between the members and management and as such will only review issues formally raised on the approved issue registration form. The Chair and Manager will review the issues raised with the Member Liaison Officer and a formal written decision will be recorded and made available to the initiating member. In cases of policy or other governance issues the Liaison team may refer the issue to the appropriate committee or board meeting.

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